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🌿 Anne of Green Gables 🌿

Anne of Green Gables

(feat. Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island)

I rate it: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Never in my life would I have imagined that not the book with appalling horror scenes, nor the one with dynamic mysteries waiting to be unfolded, nor the one with tingling romances, nor the one with unimaginably powerful actions, but the one brimming with words of spells would keep me awake till morning and have me kicking my legs under my blanket, my body shaking with tremors of happiness! Is this enchantment? I suppose it is!

I never realized how formidable the strength of reading is. It’s just words, I could say. But it is never just a “word” when you find just the right kind for yourself. Like a writing possessing the specific “kindred spirit” that matches yours. What you never knew you were looking for, but ended up finding. It’s like unexpected sunlight emerging through dark clouds. The dark veil finally being unclasped at last. If there ever was a pinnacle in a journey of reading, the crook where you find the purpose of reading, where you can’t quite put your emotions into words, I think I reached it with this series 😭

It feels as if every single word was chosen deliberately, written so delicately. I keep imagining Lucy sitting on her little stool behind the window, her prim glasses hanging low on her nose, her not scribbling or scrawling away at the paper, but gingerly engraving and chiseling each word into the fragments of the paper with her little quilt. Reading this book was like swallowing up the whole expedition and the mysterious nature of the world in one gulp. It felt as if I was served a glass of water dappled with celestial sunlight and gilded with golden hue…

It’s as if for every single character, I’ve run into them on the way home, felt them with my fingertips, seen them with my very sight. This book has taken me from place to place of heavenly sight and I’ve felt them with each of their footsteps and breaths.


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