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👑 The Selection 👑

My rating: ⭐️⭐️

As you might expect if you ever read this book, it’s just nothing different from those middle-school chick-lits… Yes. I don’t even wanna start with how problematic this book is because it will never end🥱! I’m not saying that it’s so bad that I wanna burn it or something because I do understand that this was made as a “middle school chick lit” and so I’m not trying to get all worked up on this.

But to make some fun of this… 😅 obviously, you cannot deny the fact that books like this cannot exist without the lookism looming over everything. The main character, America, exists right here in the selection and the story goes on because she’s freaking p.r.e.t.t.y💅! Also, the innocent little main girl that is actually causing all the problems, kissing this boy and that boy and suddenly announcing “I’m choosing me!” when the last thing that’s taking a part of her mental functioning is “self-worth” indeed! ( + even worse: the boys, rather than realizing the death swamp they got themselves into, start this anime-like journey of competition in winning America’s heart… Great.)

Ugh, just this whole setting where girls are unanimously swooning over Maxon… America casually manipulating Maxon into her game by approaching him as a “friend” helping his little “project” and ending up falling in love but still not accepting that fact… is enough to make me throw up 🤢. Also, Maxon kissing America and confessing his feelings to her but then proceeding to kiss other girls is another one that made me cringe until I disappeared..!💨🍃


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