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🐷Animal Farm🐷

  • My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is a masterpiece. Not kidding. It almost feels surreal that a British man in the 1900s wrote a book about an issue that people are finally starting to recognize these days. It really is a timeless artwork… 😩 If I had to pick one central message to take away from this book, it would be: “All animals are equal.” The crazy thing is, this message literally puts an end to all conflicts that ever occurred on this planet. This not only talks about us reconciling together no matter how different we are in terms of appearances or cultures, but it also deals with issues regarding animal rights and nature and how humans take advantage of all of them, etc. This one statement is all it takes to make a perfect world although the problems arise in actually understanding it and acting according to it… This book was definitely a reminder of such a crucial message. It must have been an enlightening experience to read it in the 1900s, don’t you think? 🤔 Also, I loved how bold and strong the author’s opinions were and I could see his effort to be as conspicuous as possible in delivering his message, which he effortlessly succeeded 🙌. By not just only criticizing this world stained by discrimination, politics, alcohol, crimes, etc., but also demonstrating the process of manipulation leading up to the final pinnacle of corruption, he called out the dark aspects of our society and raised awareness of such issues. Absolutely nailed it. I love this book sooo much!!💕


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