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🌊 The Old Man and the Sea 🌊

  • My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

🌊Do you guys know how most books feel like movies written in words? Like after you read a book, you feel like you just watched a movie. If other books are like movies, this book felt like a documentary… Specifically, like those documentaries of a fisherman's journey that you can find on obscure channels at about 3 in the morning and end up falling asleep while watching them…😐Well…Honestly, I don’t really understand why this is one of the most famous classics because there’s nothing too special about it, I think. 🌊Basically, the story goes: an old man encounters a fish so powerful and heavy on the sea as it seizes the bait; despite the old man’s determination to get it, he can’t even lift it because of the fish’s overwhelming strength. Instead, the old man’s skiff ends up being maneuvered by the fish, forming a situation in which none of them can escape unless the old man lets go of the fish. And so the book illustrates the old man’s painful journey of keeping the fish stuck to the boat in the middle of the sea using all of his strength for three days alone… which is not the most interesting story to be honest. 🌊But there was something exceptional about the way the old man approached his taut battle with the big fish. Mostly, if someone is ambitious enough to spend three days on the sea ALONE just to get the fish, I would imagine that person to be morbidly greedy and obsessed with killing the fish. However, this old man had some contradictory behaviors: he felt compassion for the fish and even considered it as a companion, but not even once did he budge on his decision to never let go of it. He stayed firmly tied to the fish no matter how long their journey prolonged. And I’m thinking… maybe his opponent in battle that he’s running after is not the fish, but his own ambition, persistence, and passion. Through this battle with the fish, perhaps he’s attempting to prove how persistent and strong he is even at an old age by trying to outcompete his past-self..🤔 #book #bookstagram #books #bookreview #bookrecommendations #booktok #booklover #blog #blogger #bookish #classics #theoldmanandthesea #read #readingtime


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