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🧙‍♂️ The Wizard of Oz 🧙‍♂️

  • My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Yes!! The classic, renowned book! The wonderful wizard of Oz! Personally, I usually enjoy classics, but this book was… I don’t know. I think it didn’t meet the expectations I had..?

🪄To tell you a little bit about the plot, this is a fairy-taleish story in which a girl named Dorothy is swept away from Kansas by the cyclone to this part of the world where witches and wizards exist! Determined to return back home despite the beautiful sights she sees, Dorothy starts her journey toward the City of Emeralds, in which Oz rules, to ask him to send her back. Then, she is joined by three more members who are also deeply longing for their own individual needs on the way. With the help of each other, they finally reach the City of Emeralds and visit Oz the Great and Terrible! But something very unexpected occurs and a SHOCKING secret of Oz is unravelled to this little group of travelers🫣.

🪄This book really feels like a highly descriptive fairy tale that explains every single event in an elaborated, detailed way.. Not saying it’s bad or anything but that’s the exact impression I got! One more thing I noticed is that I could not really decide if this was meant for kids or adults to read. For example, the Tin Woodman would kill a bug and cry because he was so sorry. I almost melted at how sweet that was!!😭 But this weak-hearted Tin Woodman later proceeded to kill the Khalidahs ( beasts ) by striking them in the necks with his axe.. I was like WTH because him cutting their necks was described so explicitly😟.

🪄But overall, it’s a cute book to read🙈! I don’t know if “cute” is an appropriate word to describe the tone of the book, but I can’t think of anything else..!

🪄I think the major takeaway from this book would be that belief is the strongest and that all we need to achieve something is intangible faith or belief, not necessarily tangible materials💭.


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